Westar Quad Belt

  • Four gang driven belts, driven by one 7 1/2 hp motor.
  • Uses 3" x 132" belts. ADVANTAGE: Can set up with 4 different grit belts.
  • Belts oriented vertically to minimize floor space.
  • Spring-loaded idler heads with belt tracking adjustment.
  • Dual-drive shaft design to allow for quick belt replacement and easy open guard doors.
  • Fully guarded drive line.
  • Can be moved easily with hoist on grab ring or for lift.
  • Standard belt speed of 4000 fpm: others available.
  • Motor is 208-230/460V 3ph.
  • 100" overall height, 68" overall width, and 39" overall depth.
  • 44" from floor to center of contact wheel.
  • 20" between belts.

    Three Sanding/Polishing Areas on Each Belt

  • Soft Pocket
  • Flat Platen
  • Contact

  • Dust collection system.
  • On-machine dresser to true the contact wheels.
  • Each grouping of 2 belts can run at different speeds.
  • Electronic varispeed.
  • Custom spacing of belts, belt width and belt length.
  • Adjustable feet available with 6" of travel.
  • 110 or 277 VAC fluorescent light.
  • Harder or softer contact wheels.
  • Twin belt sander/polisher also available.

  • The Quad Belt sander/polisher is simply the best value for the money. It offers productive and flexible operational features not found on any other machine. Its 4 belts make any job eastier and more efficient. There are many options to accommodate each user's preferences. The Quad Belt sander/polisher will allow you to finish a quality product quickly.

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